Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

These are extraordinary times, and our absolute priority is to ensure the health and safety of our members and their families.

As a precautionary measure against the ongoing risk of COVID-19, we have decided to cancel all future meetings until further notice.

Guests are very welcome

Please visit our Meetings page for our current schedule, or use the contact us page to e-mail or telephone us to say you will be coming along. You will receive a very warm welcome and enjoy a fun-packed evening. Please do not feel you have to speak at your first meeting.

No Obligation

You can attend two meetings free of charge. If you decide to become a member, full membership is £40.00 for a whole year.  Meetings are on alternate Thursdays and run between September and May.

Association of Speakers Clubs Manual (ASC)

As a full member, you will receive ‘The Speakers Guide’. Published by The Association of Speakers Clubs it is a comprehensive manual for effective public speaking and is full of helpful tips on how to make your public speaking more effective.

If you want a challenge, you can enter our public speaking club competitions and you’ll be welcome to attend all social events held locally and nationally.

You will also receive the ASC’s “Speaker” Magazine

For more information call us for a chat.

Cardiff Speakers Club will help you become a better speaker, presenter and leader 

Cardiff Speakers Club celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary in June 2018. Take a look at our special Anniversary dinner page

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