Can I try before I join?

You can attend Cardiff Speakers Club twice free of charge.

Will I have to speak at the first meeting?

No obligation to speak on your first visit.

How much is it to join Cardiff Speakers Club?

Full club membership is £40:00 per year.

Can I join halfway through the year?

You can join Cardiff Speakers Club at any point within the year.

Will I receive any public speaking material?

Once you join Cardiff Speakers Club, you will receive the Association of Speakers Clubs Manual

How many sessions are held throughout the year?

We hold 19 meetings a year.

How many members are in Cardiff Speakers Club?

Cardiff Speakers Club has around 18 members

How long are the meetings?

Meetings are just over two hours long

What if I need to leave the meeting early?

You can give your apologies at any stage of the evening.

Do you have a refreshment break?

We have a 15-minute break, and offer, tea, coffee & biscuits for only £1.00 per head.

Will I have fun?

All meetings are fun-packed & very relaxed.

What is ASC?

Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC)

Do you have a mentorship programme?

You will receive full mentorship & support from our educational director & club members.

Do you offer social events?

Full members & guests are welcome to join a number of social events throughout the year.

Is there any age restriction on joining?

Cardiff Speakers Clubs would recommend that anyone under the age of 16 is accompanied by an adult.