Club Programme & Meetings

Meeting dates & programme: 

The club is on its summer break, but here are titles from the last season. The new programme will be here soon.

And for information on what happens at a club meeting take a look below


5th September

Session 1: Presidential Announcements

Speech 2: Anxiety Among Millennials

Speech 3: Setting Goals

Speech 4: Who Dares Wins

31st October

Speech 1: Abundance

Speech 2: Aviation

Speech 3: Brooklyn Bridge

Speech 4: The Great White

19th September

Speech 1: Podcasts

Speech 2: Star Wars

Speech 3: Mentors

Speech 4: The Rolling Stones

14th November

Club Speech Contest

Speech 1: Biography

Speech 2: Pay It Forward

 3rd October

Club Novel Competition

Speech 1: Entrepreneurs

Speech 2: Reaping and Sowing

28th November

Speech 1: Poor Choices

Speech 2: Walt Disney

Speech 3: Time Travel

Speech 4: John Gotti

17th October

Speech 1: Mike Tyson

Speech 2: Whistle-Blowing

Speech 3: Cruising

Speech 4: Bullying

12th December

Speech 1: The Importance of Good Character

Speech 2: Charles Dickens

 Followed by Just a Minute

Club Meetings

Cardiff Speakers Club meets on a Thursday every fortnight at 7.15pm. The venue is upstairs in the Cyncoed Methodist Church Hall, Westminster Crescent, Cyncoed, Cardiff. (If you enter the Hall through the main door, turn left and the stairs are through another door in front of you).

Meetings normally consist of four speeches prepared in advance which are then evaluated for their content and style of presentation. Feedback is given on positive aspects as well as areas which may need a little work.

The speeches are interspersed with two minute topics and a round of the Topic Knock-Out Competition. From time to time speeches will have a specific aim, such as the use of visual aids or other assignments from the Association of Speakers Clubs training manual as members progress towards achieving the ASC standard or advanced certificates.

At the end of the evening a General Evaluator will give feedback on the whole evening, including the performance of the Chairman, comments of the speech evaluators and the best topic of the night!

One of our aims is that if they wish to, each member should have an opportunity to speak at every meeting.

For more information on our meetings please contact us using the details on the “Contact Us” page or Email Cardiff speakers Club.

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