Club Programme

Meeting Dates & Programme:

Cardiff Speakers Club has decided to cancel all meetings due to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

20th February

Speech 1: Better to be wise or Intelligent

Speech 2: The Dangers of Sleep-walking

Speech 3: Plagiarism

Speech 4: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

16th April

Speech 1: If I could turn the clock back just for a day

Speech 2: Wired Science

Speech 3: Learning Curve

Speech 4: Customer Service

5th March

Speech 1: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Speech 2: Devil’s Advocate

Speech 3: The Mask of Masculinity

Speech 4: Just one wish


30th April

Speech 1: Why college isn’t for everyone

Speech 2: An Event That Changed The World

Speech 3: Safari Holidays

Speech 4: Internet Dating

19th March

Speech 1: Money Can’t buy you love

Speech 2: Word of Mouth

Speech 3: Silent witness – the future of forensics

Speech 4: Parkour

14th May

True or False Competition

Speech 1: Eat that Frog

Speech 2: A matter of life or death

2nd April

Impromptu Speech Competition

Speech 1: Private Space Travel – will it take off

Speech 2: Ego is the Enemy

28th May

Annual General Meeting


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