Improve Your Speaking

At each club meeting positive and constructive feedback is given on the speeches by an Evaluator. The Evaluator will often see mannerisms  or “erms” which a speaker may not be aware of and their advice will help to improve the flow and audience appreciation of the speech!

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As a Member of the Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC), Cardiff Speakers Club runs competitions and also helps members towards the ASC certificates. These are optional and some members prefer to work at a more relaxed pace to improve specific areas of their speech. New members may also wish to try out speeches for a particular occasion (for example humour in a Best Man’s speech).


The Certificate of Achievement is issued by the ASC. Under guidance from both the Club’s Education Director and their assigned mentor, Members can progress along the development pathway towards the ASC certificates:

The ASC Foundation Certificate gives members a chance to practice and learn the basics of public speaking:

  • A1: Making a start
  • A2: Speech construction
  • A3: Mean what you say
  • A4: Gestures and body language
  • A5: Using your voice effectively

Once the Foundation Certificate has been achieved, members can continue towards the ASC Certificate:

  • A6: Vocabulary and word pictures
  • A7: Using notes and microphone
  • A8: Use of humour
  • A9: Audience rapport
  • A10: The Showpiece

On achieving the ASC Certificate, members are eligible to work towards the ASC Speaking Diploma by completing C1, C2 and C3 and then choosing any two from the others in the list below.

  • C1: The impromptu speech
  • C2: The outside assignment
  • C3: Use of presentation aids
  • C4: Chairing meetings
  • C5: The Lecture
  • C6: The business presentation
  • C7: The after dinner speech
  • C8: The written speech
  • C9: Speaking without notes


For Members who wish to test their Speaking Skills, the club has several competitions:

  • The Annual Speech Competition
  • The Evaluation Competition
  • The Impromptu Speech Competition
  • The Novel (or Short Story) Competition
  • The Topic Knock-Out (Sam Black Memorial) Competition.

Success in some of these competitions can provide an opportunity to represent the Club at district, area or even national levels!

Cardiff Speakers Club also have an annual Inter-Club debate with Cardiff Mixed Speakers Club (CMSC), and competes with other south Wales clubs for the One Title Contest.


Our education director Phil presents two new members with their Speakers Guides.